Sonntag, 27. September 2015

Meeting my penpal Caroline ♥

Finally I manage to write this post about meeting Caroline when I've been to Ireland a few weeks ago. She was the first penpal I've ever met and it was a really amazing experience. From penpals to real life friends ♥ Caroline is a really lovely girl and we've had an amazing time together.

I spent my first night in Dublin in a hostel and was supposed to go back there for my last night as we had agreed that I'd spend one night at Caroline's house. Actually the hostel was so crappy that I asked Caroline to stay for a second night and luckily she agreed! Thanks again for that ♥ 

On saturday evening we then met for the first time when she and Noel, her boyfriend, collected me from the train station. At first I felt really shy and didn't knew what to talk about but the longer we stayed together the more we talked and the funnier it became. When we arrived at their house I first gave her some presents: a heart-shaped dreamcatcher, a gingerbread heart and a Harry Potter themed Pocket Letter. 

That evening we watched "The fault in our stars" together as we wanted to do for a long time now. And finally we were able to do it ♥

The next day started early and with rain, unfortunately. Our plan to go to Bray Head had to be cancelled and we decided to go to the Library of Trinity College instead as I've never been there before. I somehow managed to miss the Book Of Kells, the main attraction, though. I'm still not sure how this could happen, but hopefully Caroline can explain that to me in her next letter :D

After that we went to Costa Coffee to have a drink and did some shopping afterwards. Due to the rain Grafton Street was quite boring as there was only one singer who didn't mind the rain. We felt sorry for him as nobody stopped to listen to him and gave him some money. 

Later that day we had to go to Dublin Ink because I had an appointment for a new tattoo. Caroline waited patiently for about an hour until it was finished and she took some nice pictures of the progress and the finished tattoo. Guess what? It was hurting quite badly! But I really love how it turned out ♥

The rest of the day was spent in my favourite pub in Dublin: O'Sullivans. Noel joined us again and I waited impatiently for Simon to start playing his music. There was a time when I thought he wouldn't play as the singer who was there when we arrived didn't stopped. And then suddenly Simon passed me and said "Hello". Yay! Noel, Caroline and me had a lot of fun though while we were drinking, taking pictures and talking. And it was insane how often we had to use the toilet. I really don't want to know what everybody else thought when we passed them like 100 times :D Finally Simon started playing and we wished for a couple of songs. Caroline could've wished for the whole setlist as she marked so many songs she liked to hear, haha! Every time I wished for a song Simon said "This one's for moongirl" and even explained that this was my name on Youtube. And I also got the last song, like I always do ♥ I love this guy! 
When he finished we decided to take a picture with him and Noel had a little chat with him about his music. As I've been drunk a little I also told him that I'm his biggest fan. I can be quite emberassing! But I'm so glad Caroline and Noel both liked him. He's such a talented singer and thanks to Noel I now know that he also has some of his own songs and I get to hear one later in December. I so can't wait!

When we left the pub we had some food from Burger King - Noel twice, haha! - and I dropped my phone. First time I ever had a broken phone screen! Drunk me was drunk! 

We had such a great night and the two are a really nice couple ♥ You just have to love both of them. I'm glad I was able to meet them and spend time with them and I really can't wait to see them again in December - hopefully for another pub night with Simon :)

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