Montag, 17. August 2015

Welcome to my snail mail blog ♥ (+ first incoming mail)

Inspired by my dear friend Caroline I decided to create a blog for all snail mail related things. I also decided to write this blog in English so that all my penpals and everybody, who is interested in general, can read it.


Why have I decided to create a snail mail blog?

Like I said, I've been inspired by the blog of Caroline because her blog is really lovely! She brought back my interest in snail mail about a month ago after I lost it many years ago. Well, it actually wasn't me who lost interest in it, but all the people I wrote to started to fancy writing eMails or text messages. I used to have quite a few penpals which I found through a service of the German post. That was the first time I had penpals from overseas such as America or Africa. Unfortunately I lost contact to all of them.
But then I found a group on Facebook with so many people interested in snail mail that it was easy to find people to write with. That's the main reason I decided to create this blog. I want to show you all my incoming and outgoing mail and maybe even give some inspiration or tips on snail mail.

So, my name is Sabrina, I'm 26 and from the northwest of Germany. I love to write long letters and learn about cultures, languages and people from different countries. I love to look through old mail and bring back all the sweet memories. I hope I can gain a lot more memories with my new found penpals from all over the world!

When I joined the Facebook group and asked for people to become my penpals I got quite a lot of replies. Some people gave me their addresses so I could write them first and I gave my addresses to some people. I'm aware that I probably won't get a letter from every person I write to and that maybe not everybody will write the promised first letter, BUT nevertheless I already had a few nice experiences and got some lovely letters that I like to show you today! (everything since the beginning of July!)

Here you can see two postcards I got. The one at the top is from a friend who visited Hamburg and the lower one is from my Russian penpal Kate who visited Vladivostok during her summer holidays.


This is the first letter I got from somebody out of the Facebook group. It was sent by Alieke from The Netherlands. I really love the glossy prints which I used to collect when I was a lot younger. Sweet memories to my childhood! Thanks for that, Alieke!


The second letter I got was from Jariya from Iceland. She used really cute paper and even send me some Icelandic chocolate ♥ We have quite the same interests and I'm really looking forward on receiving more letters from her!


This letter is from Emma who lives in Scotland. Although it was the first letter she sent me, she included so many nice stationary I could hardly believe my eyes! I especially loved the robot sticker. And look at the cute paper she used to write her letter on ♥


Next is a letter by my inspiration herself: Caroline from Ireland. She moved there recently and it's her first letter since a year and I can't describe how happy it made me to finally get a letter from her again. And the best thing is: we're going to meet in 5 days! The first penpal I get to meet. I'm really excited and there will definitely be a blogpost about it later!
She also send me some tea which I will drink after I finished this post! She's a tea addict ;)


Then I got a letter from Lisa from Belgium. She used really cute paper and the envelope was really adorable! And like me she likes to write long letters ♥


The most recent letter I got is from Briana from the USA. Her letter was quite extraordinary as she didn't wrote normal but with little pictures and though it was hard to read at some points I really liked her letter. Hopefully the next letters get a little longer, though! 


Last but not least I get a reply to my letter by my only male penpal: Ian from the USA. I'm really glad I got to know him because we seem to match quite good together. I guess I never laughed as much while reading a letter as when I read his. Such a great guy who I hope to establish a long-lasting friendship with! And: his letter was by far the longest of all that I received so far!


That's it for todays post. In the next days I'll show you some of my outgoing mail. Unfortunately I forgot to take pictures of every letter I sent, but as this blog wasn't planned I guess we can excuse that! In the future I change that, of course!

Have a nice evening everybody ♥


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  1. I'm so glad you decided to create a snail mail blog of your own! <3 I totally love all the mail you showed in this blogpost! Really can't wait to meet you in just a couple of days xx